Finding Happiness Workshop with Asha — S.F. — Live an Extraordinary Life Conference

By Ananda (other events)

Sunday, April 6 2014 4:30 PM 6:00 PM

The workshop is free; there is an entry fee for the conference itself. Conference tickets


Life is like a marionette. If you pick it up from the wrong string, it's a jumble, impossible to direct. Instead of hoping for happiness as a by-product of whatever else you are doing—career, relationships, money, reputation — develop happiness first, and you will find that everything else falls into place.

In this workshop, we'll explore:


  • When I get [rich] [famous] [married] [divorced] then I will be happy
  • Future happiness is like a carrot on a stick, always in sight, never in hand
  • Live in, but not for the moment, in the Eternal NOW


  • If I choose my own destiny, why would I choose this?!
  • Life is so unfair: the premiere happiness-killing attitude
  • Rehab is learning the subtle laws of karma: everything happens for a reason; you are part of a greater reality


  • If I just had ten percent more...
  • Inert objects cannot produce happiness or love you in return. They merely reflect back to you the happiness (or lack of it) you have inside.
  • Live simply
  • Be the master, not the slave of your material desires


  • The love you get is the love you give.
  • Everyone has the same desire: to love and be loved. Move from hope to fulfillment. The #1 key to happiness is learning how to love selflessly without losing yourself.

(free, ticket required for workshop as seating is limited)

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About Asha

Nayaswami Asha is a lifelong disciple of Yogananda and worked closely with his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda, for more than 40 years. She is just returning from 2 months of teaching in India (online talks), where her newest book, Ask Asha, has been published. Brilliant, wise, heart-felt, with a penetrating intellect, she makes the ancient teachings of yoga accessible people around the world, with unusual clarity, humor, and insight.

She is the spiritual director of Ananda Palo Alto with her husband, David — one of the largest centers for the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda in the world today. She is also author of Swami Kriyananda: As We Have Known Him and Loved and Protected: Stories of Miracles and Answered Prayers.

This workshop is inspired by the movie, Finding Happiness (view the movie trailer), which will have its San Francisco premiere at this weekend conference on Saturday morning, 10 am. Seating is limited; to reserve a spot, please sign up for a ticket here